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Horror short movies channel i came upon.

Ocean Man

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Whats up people

Today i came upon a pretty cool Youtube channel called CryptTV.

From what I know they post short horror movies every: TUESDAY at 1pm. THURSDAY at 1pm. FRIDAY at 1pm and they even have their on series and shit like the Look-See series which is pretty cool and they have surprising production quality.

If you wanna check it out:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJ6Dn01AqjvFVN2EiK72Ag/featured



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Well I gotta check this out.  I like horror.  And I am always the first to look under the bed when things go bump in the night.

Gosh I have a "Here's Johnny" poster in my bedroom. hahaha

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Yeah its  cool they are pretty underrated if ya ask me.I reccommend "The Birch" since its the most popular vid on their channel.I also like the 3 vids/week thing.


As for series i reccommend "Look-see" and "STONEHEART"

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