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One of the most asked questions I get asked is what kind of gear I am using.  So I thought I would post it here once and for all. I actually have three computer setups, all of them are by custom computer builder MAINGEAR. I will focus on my main system here.

Chassis: MAINGEAR Force chassis with window

Exterior Finish: Brushed Black Aluminum

Chassis Lighting: RGB remote Control color change

Motherboard:  ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero DDR4 ATX

Processor: Intel Core I9-7980XE Extreme Edition Processor

Processor Cooling: Premium Nickel Plated Copper CPU Cooling Block

Heat Exchange Array: EK-420 (3x140mm) + EK 480 (4xx120mm) copper core with high air-flow fans

BiTurbo Pump Array: BiTurbo Lang DX Vario Pumps

Reservoir: 400mL Bitspower Oversized Reservoir

Tubing: Primiochill Advance LRT PVC Tubing

Coolant:  EKoolant, extra pure, distilled, and deionized water

Enhanced Thermal Interface Material: MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 Engineered Phase Change Thermal Interface Material

Overclocking: Intel Advanced Automatic Overclocking

Memory: 128 GB HyperXFurt DDR4

Graphics Cards: Triple NVIDIA GeForce Titan X 36GB (12x3) in SLI  with G-Sync

GPU Liquid Cooling: Triple Card EK Supremacy - Nickel

Power Supply: 1500 Watt Corsair Professional Digital Series AX15001 80 Titanium Certified Modular Power Supply ROHS

Power Supply Sleeving:  Blue

Drive Bay 1:  Operating System Drive, [SSD] 1TB Samsung 850 Pro [550MS/s Sequential Reads]D

Drive Bay 2:  [SSD] 1TB Samsung 850 Pro [550MS/s Sequential Reads]

Drive Bay 3:  [SSD] 1TB Samsung 850 Pro [550MS/s Sequential Reads]

Drive Bay 4 : [SSD] 1TB Samsung 850 Pro [550MS/s Sequential Reads]

Drive Bay 5: [SSD] 1TB Samsung 850 Pro [550MS/s Sequential Reads]

Drive Bay 6:   [HDD]  4TB Western Digital Caviar RE 7000rpm 64MS Cache

Raid: Raid 5 with stripping parity 

Optical Drive 1:  Samsung 24x Dual Layer

Optical Drive 2: Samsung 16x Blu-Ray Burner

Audio:  Asus Xonar Essence

Ethernet Adapter: Gigabit

Wireless Network Adapter:  ASUS PCE-AC68 Dual Band

Operating System: Windows 10 Professional

Mouse Corsair Griave

Keyboard: Corsair Platinum K95 limited edition

Headphones: Corsair VOID



























































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Rob banks, Much easier and you don't get paper jams and messy ink on your hands.

Or do like I do: Find a good street corner to stand on and offer discount "prices". lol

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You're motherboard costs more than my PC
Which bank is the best to rob? I heard Bank of America is the best to rob to make a pc as Ejay's haha

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