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  • ENjoy the weekend!
  • Almost the weekennd again.
  • Finally back from a very long trip

I'll never drink again (untill next time)

To fix a hangover...  

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  1. 1. Which of these hangover remedies do you think work, or have you ever used on the "day after"?

    • Drink a beer with raw egg in it
    • Bath in ice water and have 7 shots of Johnny Walker Red
    • "Hair of the Dog" - drink the same thing the next day (lots of it)
    • Stick your head in the toilet for 69 minutes (wait I did that last night), and then have a Bud lite.
    • Drink and entire bottle of Wesson brand oil to coat your stomach, followed by a Gin and tonic
    • Mix up and down a stiff mixture of Vodka, Rum, Gin and Whiskey and down it quickly
    • Make a drink mixture of Prune juice, Alka-Seltzer, egg nog, and battery acid, and Wild Turkey then call 911
    • Eat chicken soup-isn't sthat supposed to cure everything?
    • Orange Juice mixed with Gin
    • Apple juice mixed with Jack Daniels (1 part apple juice to 14 parts JD)
    • Recite the "12 steps" and then go have a stiff drink
    • Mix up Beer, cheap wine, and Absolute and down quickly
    • Hiccup, hiccup......

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Ouch.  I mean ouch. No, I mean OUCH! Damn, how can 6 or so hours of New Year's eve partying turn into a couple days of like OMG cut my head off.

So everyone has their favorite hangover remedies. Take the poll and let's see if you have (I mean  hypothetically) used an of these common things (or so I have been told)  to fix a hangover. wink.

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