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Worst video game failure ever in history

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So a friend of mine and I recently watched a documentary about a totally failed video game. The game was on the Atari 2600 platform and was called E.T. Extra Terresterial.

In fact, the sales of the game were so bad, urban legend over the past 30 some years had it that the company buried over 700,000 of the games in a New Mexico garbage dump or landfill in September 1983.  Lots of speculation has happened during that time and even ex-company officials stating it was not true and they never buried anything.

Well, in 2014, A group Fuel,  Industries with support from Microsoft petitioned and was granted permission to dig up the land fill. And they did. And some 30 or so feet down digging through all the compacted trash, they hit the pay dirt. They recovered over 1,300 cartridges of the game, still in the original wrappers. The amazing thing is the games still worked!

A documentary called  Atari: Game Over. was made detailing the entire story from conception of the game through the retrieval from the landfill. A fascinating story and a part of history of the gaming industry we love so well. And if you have any interest in the history of the industry, this is a good watch if you've never seen it.





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