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  1. 1. Are you superstitious?

    • Absolutely YES
    • Yea right
    • Yes because it is all so logical
    • Maybe, let me knock on wood first before I answer
    • Can I borrow your ladder?
    • No, not superstitious at all
    • I don't know until the seven years is up from the broken mirror

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Keeping with the theme of the month, here are some of the very common superstitions in the USA. I myself am not a superstitious person but my parents are much.

Below are some of the common superstitions and take the poll on whether or not you are superstitious.

Bad luck when a black cat crosses your path.   (Silly IMO because I think Siamese cats are way more mean than black cats)

Don't walk under a ladder.    (Yea because the idiot painting at the top of the ladder will likely drop paint on you)

Step on a crack and break your mother's back.            (She is recovering though and will be good as new soon)

"FInd a penny pick it up for all day luck. "            (Well Gaben's grabbed all our pennies so "good luck" finding one anyway)

A rabbits foot will bring you luck.                     (And how did that work out for the rabbit?  just sayin...)

Bad luck comes in Threes.        (True that, My two brothers and my best friend)

Don't break a mirror or you'll have bad luck.    (Yea because 1. mirrors cost a fortune these days, and 2. who wants to step on shards 'o glass?) 

666 is mark of the devil.               (Maybe, unless you get rid of one 6 and turn the other one upside down cause '69 is truly lucky)

Knock on wood.                            (Or steel, or glass, or aluminum, or titanium, or my head with the plate in it)

Make a wish on a wishbone.      (Better yet, pour Wishbone brand salad dressing on your salad.  YUM!)

Cross your fingers .                      (Yep. harder to do naughty things that way. Ouch)

Keep Umbrellas outside.            (duh, sure and keep televisions inside)

Friday the 13 is unlucky.            (Really? I would say February 28 leap year is far worse-one extra day of school or work)

Wish upon a star.                     (Sure nothing to lose. "Hey Justin Bieber, can you slap me a million?)

Seven is a lucky number.        (Damn straight as long as it is followed by six or seven zeros)

Throw salt over shoulder for luck.     (You know this had to be concocted by the salt companies...)

Horse shoes are lucky.                  (Is that so? Obviously never dropped one on you foot)


Comment your "favorite"superstitions below




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