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GameStop please........


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Ok for those that know what GameStop is, this is for you...



Background: So I love GameStop. I grew up on GameStop. I spent many hours in GameStop stores. I was one of the geeks standing in line in cold rain at midnight waiting for the release of the next "gotta have game" for my PS2, PS3, PS4, and xbox. 

Here was a store  (about 7,000 stores across the USA actually) where the employees really knew what they were talking about and the products they sell. And here was a store where you could sell your old junk for credit on new games and rigs. Here was a store where the oldest employee was like 20, and was always up on the latest next 'best thing', and you could  linger there all day if you wanted to an no one would get mad or kick you out. 

I am using the past tense a lot because I hope I never have to use this past tense in the future. But i really don't know. You see, GameStop is a publicly traded corporation on the New York Stock Exchange. That means it is owned by the shareholders of the company's stock (unlike Valve which is a private entity owned by one fat man). Anyway, For no particular reason, I decided to look at the stock trend on this company. And what I saw was not real pretty as I looked at the trend of GameStop stock (pictured below). 

Most specifically, the stock price trend between about 2014 through today. You do not need to be a financial wizard to see that the stock prices (value) of the GameStop company is on a pretty fast downhill trend. So what? Well, typically, stock market history has shown us that the pattern matches early signs of most publicly traded companies that eventually go out of business or bankrupt.

I hope I am wrong and I totally hope GameStop survives. Don't leave us GameStop, you are like a brother to us, or at least a sort of kewl distant cousin...








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