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    Valve/Steam, in their infinite wisdom doing their absolute best to provide the worst customer service and experiences, did it again with another one of their "what the hell were they thinking episodes" a few days ago. Apparently Valve had issues with a scammer site or two in the Steam community which had a domain ending in ".me" . Of course we all appreciate that they handled that in a prompt manner. Thanks Valve! However, in the spirit of Valve ever taking the "cheap and easy way out", to 'handle it', they all at once, blocked every domain in the Steam community that had a ".me" extension, including this site - www.ejay.me. Thanks Valve! Eventually realizing their brain-fart moment, Valve restored/unblocked the .me extension for the hundreds of legitimate sites (like this one), no doubt after many of us got in their face about it. Well even so, as a result of the above "just another day at Valve episode" , we decided to create a new domain for this site that better reflects the spirit of what Ejays Circle, "ejay.me" is really about. You see, this site is not all about me, Ejay ejjp, it is about all of YOU, a gathering place for all of my friends . Therefore, we have a new domain name for the site. Although you can still get here using the old URL, the official main domain name going forward is, EjaysCircle.com Thanks for your continued friendship and support. -Ejay
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