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  3. Ejay

    Intel or AMD CPUs?

    I am not either. lol
  4. Ejay

    Assassins Creed Vahalla

  5. Inery.bls

    Intel or AMD CPUs?

    Well uh i'm not big on pc setups lol
  6. Ejay

    Intel or AMD CPUs?

    There is still a lot of taking sides on Intel or AMD CPS/chip sets. What do you prefer>
  7. Ejay

    How can we create minecraft circle?

    Any member is welcome to create/manage their own clubs within Ejays circle. If you need assistance, just do a support ticket. Thanks
  8. Appa

    Steam game recommendations?

    Steam seems to be pretty stale in games, or its just my preference. I'm not even sure. I want to see what kind of games you guys suggest that can just be a general time waster. I recently bought Dishonored and Sleeping dogs but it lasted me a good 2 days.
  9. There are so many online tool which create circle in minecraft like minecraftcirclegenerator.com and if you want to use the official website of minecraft circle then you can go here.
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