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  2. Scary times we living in. That's said, I read some research on the history of world-wide pandemics and they are much more common than we may think. According to research, there about three pandemics every century or about one ever 33 or so years. Well, I never seen anything like this. Businesses closed, matrial law orders, panic, panic, panic. I hope this is all over soon...
  3. Ejay

    BLS Staff Meeting - 1800 GMT

    Agenda to be posted on the staff area Old Business: Meeting slated for 2-16-2020 cancelled by EJay due to illness
  4. Stranger20

    Count down from 10,000

    9863 (no u)
  5. oh i agree i don't really buy unbisoft games i only bought like like 3 Ubisoft games i enjoy them for the most part but i always find that towards the end it get boring i bought assassin creed odyssey and at first if was fun but towards the end it got so grindy i can't do the main mission because i need to do like 10 side quests before i can do a mission i still have not beat it yet . i have a love/hate reationship with valve god i hate them so much but love them at the same time
  6. I agree with you. But since you mentioned, I have to reveal that I have had a real love/hate relationship with Ubisoft over the years. Right now, it's mostly hate but bound to change as I am so fickle.
  7. Ejay

    Count down from 10,000

    9864 (you no fun stranger)
  8. Ejay

    BLS Staff meeting 1800 GMT

    Open Agenda:
  9. Imo i think it was good nothing extraordinary, but if ea can keep producing "good" games they can gain some respect in the community from being the worst company to being an ok company something possibly like ubisoft who make good games but nothing that will become a game of the year but can rely on make a game that's not total dogshit (for the most part)
  10. Mehv

    Top Ten Games of the Decade

    My top 3 1.The witcher 3 2.last of us 3. god of war honorable mentions: Fallout New Vegas Metro exodus
  11. Mehv

    Count down from 10,000

  12. Ejay

    BLS Staff Meeting 1800 GMT

    Regular scheduled staff meeting. Time is 1800 GMT 1300/EST Noon/CST Be there or be square. OPEN AGENDA
  13. Stranger20

    Count down from 10,000

  14. Ejay

    Count down from 10,000

  15. Ejay

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. Ejay

    The Hunt:Showdown released

  17. Ejay

    PAX East event

    New video game, tournaments, and shopping when PAX arrives for this 4-day event
  18. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  19. Ejay

    Overwatch League 2020

    Third season starts today in both New York and Dallas Texas, USA. During the season matches will be played in 19 different cities. COncludes on August 9
  20. Overwatch League 2020 The third season kicks off on Saturday, February 8 in New York and Dallas USA. During the season matches will be played in 19 different cities and the season will conclude on August 9.
  21. X-Men vs. Fantastic Four The X-Men reimaging returns and continues to grow with the new four issue X-Men Fantastic Four series. Franklin Richards will have to choose between a new home on Krakoa and staying with his family. Saturday, February 1 release.
  22. Ejay

    Zombie Army 4:Dead War released

    PS4, Xbox One
  23. Ejay

    Granblue Fantasy Versus released

  24. PS4, PC
  25. Ejay

    Dreams released

  26. Ejay

    Darksiders Genesis released

    PS4, Xbox One, Switch
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